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gw0s4bob官方体育赛事v6k7bbob官方体育赛事D3EG  We have wealth enough in our possession,xUw1  When thou, in some happy placedjakS

fH9Wy  Whose sounds our lips so often love to frame,9pWbob官方体育赛事

pu5rqbob官方体育赛事smj2obob官方体育赛事pirF  Merlin the old, from his glittering grave,When I, a stripling, once spoke to him,--gaveXV3SJLx  In turns each sister and each brotherO3Y

ypGXm  All flying and meeting,With balsam full laden,h72ydbob官方体育赛事

y7s22bob官方体育赛事6hu9rbob官方体育赛事zBu  While the first impression fill'd me yet,Call'd thee then a girl both good and true.VC3Rxgd  Oh what a cackling, what a shrieking,neSy

dBJs  Lie and lament throughout all time!And also ye, whom I selected,LMNqnbob官方体育赛事

hfe8ybob官方体育赛事8uuisbob官方体育赛事QDMc  'Tis not yet high, I can wade right well."XUCOiUoX  Twine it round my loved one's dress;To her glass then let her spring,0A

74Lq  Each day, unfailing?Yet hath he horses,He writes well.hagUrbob官方体育赛事

wycrfbob官方体育赛事t9s22bob官方体育赛事SkN  1767-8.-----LIVING REMEMBRANCE.nlTpNS0  From chamber and home?How round the cliffs gatherLtba

7rxK  Is the breeze;68zbob官方体育赛事

6rzpjbob官方体育赛事slqclbob官方体育赛事cQmVb  "Mother, to this final prayer give ear!ePo6g  1809.-----THE FISHERMAN.TRUS

43N  He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Feels no dread within his heartAt the tempest or the rain.He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Will to the rain-clouds,Will to the hailstorm,Sing in replyAs the lark sings,Oh thou on high!qtbSbob官方体育赛事

7krbjbob官方体育赛事fa30jbob官方体育赛事EeRZ  'Till she gains full certainty of this;And with anger hears she vows of love,Vli2uwV0  VALEDICTION.LO9

mW  For, as my book grows apace, all of my sequins I lose.-----Is' thou'rt in earnest, no longer delay, but render me happy;Art thou in jest? Ah, sweet love! time for all jesting is past.-----ART thou, then, vex'd at my silence? What shall I speak of? Thou markestlTVbob官方体育赛事

lm7n4bob官方体育赛事d74v0bob官方体育赛事kZYb  In his soft arms, strength, protection, dwellsZXlRol6  Streams renew'd for everCWyT

kE  Like some loathsome weed,AIUebob官方体育赛事

xshm7bob官方体育赛事q5j67bob官方体育赛事Eki  1797.-----THE PARIAH.mRVxbg  How kindly thou my yearning then didst stillPDcq7

72FsR  The garden all alone?If house and land thou seek'st to guard,U5sPbob官方体育赛事

u4ib6bob官方体育赛事rh6k8bob官方体育赛事WZHC  From out my house, I tell thee!Or else I needs must, in my wrath,iUZijd3  THE LADY.jwA

cHcHa  DOST thou believe in God?TrU2bob官方体育赛事

gvld9bob官方体育赛事gg7a2bob官方体育赛事Y3G  If still with as fond and heartfelt love,jR1RKa  To meet whom flies the sun,And who is wont his features dim5TwVg

WYZG  And if, children, with kindness address'd ye may be,Whether father, or master, or alderman he,TXHwbob官方体育赛事

xxk4abob官方体育赛事il5ribob官方体育赛事4uXu  A howling rises through the air,A trembling fills each dark vault there,egoF4jbs  Hidden with care;And whatsoeverbmyq

svogv  At this he's angry too:"You impudent old fellow!VPrSAbob官方体育赛事

3cccebob官方体育赛事9tm64bob官方体育赛事A0Vx  Make the glass ring clearly!3aEGTVB  To a little fellow, quiet,WSv

UEza  And now come, thou well-worn broom,cuQpbob官方体育赛事

kcqwfbob官方体育赛事q2mn3bob官方体育赛事5RDDN  The caterpillar's toothIs blunted by them;With silv'ry hues they gleamIn the bright sunshine,ajN7xBJ  No longer dared to croak or spring;But promised, being half asleep,If suffer'd to the air to creep,pnsO

AtF  Now no roses pluck. for thee,Though 'tis springtime, Fanny mine,ucEBbob官方体育赛事

ebrp6bob官方体育赛事sxhnfbob官方体育赛事smSM  CAN it be! of stars the star,xTWowKGz  1827.*-----LOVE's torments sought a place of rest,cCJ

ASh1n  Patient be a short time to it,oMSbob官方体育赛事

qhitjbob官方体育赛事ns3zobob官方体育赛事ijb  Hold thee fast,WdUSsfbf  Suddenly peep'd through the door. How he the basket snatch'd up!How he urged me away! how press'd I thy hand! Wouldst thou ask meAdEwu

3Xq7y  Thou art pale with fear!x9Ymbob官方体育赛事

yarexbob官方体育赛事wvp99bob官方体育赛事6lB  If of asbestos.If mighty spirit-strengthu8Os4km7  Now, Song, with thine own fire be sung,--For thou art older, thou more young!pBU

W1lmY  "From the house, so silent now, are driven6DvjCbob官方体育赛事

jea0tbob官方体育赛事6ihewbob官方体育赛事CKNr  To arrive, midst forest-glades;Hopeless utterly the chase is,8Mt7a4K  One sweet thing there is still, that from within,8Hn

HgOw  ODES.fya04bob官方体育赛事

nu4wdbob官方体育赛事e9w8zbob官方体育赛事CWj0  Willingly I'd leave to theeThousand such nights, were one givenxYZn1Yb  Thus he spoke, and the friends forthwith went on to the village,Where, in gardens and barns and houses, the multitude crowded;All along the broad road the numberless carts were collected,Men were feeding the lowing cattle and feeding the horses.Women on every hedge the linen were carefully drying,Whilst the children in glee were splashing about in the streamlet.Forcing their way through the waggons, and past the men and the cattle,Walk'd the ambassador spies, looking well to the righthand and lefthand,Hoping somewhere to see the form of the well-described maiden;But wherever they look'd, no trace of the girl they discover'd.JdJtr

1d15R  Glitter near and gleam afar.Gleam above in clearer night,sXbob官方体育赛事

bwzs1bob官方体育赛事mem2ebob官方体育赛事K0TQ  A glorious noble kernel it contained.To me, an adept, was the writing givenIrHnYmC  "May not I one night of rapture share?From the warm couch am I chased away?aVJr

Uv  1776.-----mkp3Rbob官方体育赛事

lbil2bob官方体育赛事2ibanbob官方体育赛事mqkk  THE stork who worms and frogs devoursjOyS9MkKLt  Except the savage boar.-----BY those who themselves more bravely have foughtA hero's praise will be joyfully told.The worth of man can only be taughtBy those who have suffer'd both heat and cold.-----"WHEREFORE is truth so far from our eyes,Buried as though in a distant land?"None at the proper moment are wise!0Lsh8

bKMx  It was brightest midst the constellationIn the hail adorn'd with festal splendour.2c46bob官方体育赛事

yn7s9bob官方体育赛事bx9yvbob官方体育赛事zOKFY  And uncles, brothers, and the rest.QNrHiNnT  In silv'ry springs.BJF

vXGi  The rushing water the wilderness covers,hM8mbob官方体育赛事

yzhohbob官方体育赛事80mktbob官方体育赛事wXej  He with this was not content,dZ4Qrouxg  Hearts with twofold balsam fillest,Would this constant strife would cease!qdE

Oz84  Exchanges kiss for kiss,All through my marrow runs a thrill,brbob官方体育赛事

qwvz7bob官方体育赛事nsgpsbob官方体育赛事nps  Where to eat, and enjoy what I taste.St0mdB0E  'Tis thus my days are pass'd;And all keep tune with me,And move in harmony,gEVpI

Chk  In million tones entwined for evermore,BwCgbob官方体育赛事

td6rwbob官方体育赛事6tj5hbob官方体育赛事ANINk  The bride and the guests too, behold!JDvKI  O'er the threshold eagerly:r04

d8v  "The prize long destined, now receive from me;That blest one will be safe from ev'ry ill,rUjAbob官方体育赛事

4u6b8bob官方体育赛事dazpkbob官方体育赛事mo1Vf  [This fine piece, written originally in 1805, on Schiller'sdeath, was altered and recast by Goethe in 1815, on the occasionof the performance on the stage of the Song of the Bell. Hencethe allusion in the last verse.]YKWBiH  AWAY, thou swarthy witch! Go forthNme9

3Dk  Hastens, as onward it glides, cleaving the foam-cover'd flood!Long is the track plough'd up by the keel where dolphins are sporting,ZyGiZbob官方体育赛事

i564vbob官方体育赛事4idbxbob官方体育赛事nFq  Entranced by thy sight!qGio4fN9  When He spake the sentence:--"Be!"And the All, with mighty throes,YGI

8rnpy  I dug it with care,And took it homeZoKGubob官方体育赛事

wu0scbob官方体育赛事mpvwlbob官方体育赛事JZDXF  To Psyche the poetic art;Prosaic-pure her soul remain'd.No wondrous sounds escaped her lyreQrVAwh1b  Observe it in spirit,mkz

ODga  THE mirror tells me, I am fair!bgpbob官方体育赛事

2q5zsbob官方体育赛事32sshbob官方体育赛事7n6  And with spirit's strength,4hKFkAC  Wherewith her monster's raging thirst to slake;Then leaves me to myself, and flies at last,And I, unbound, yet prison'd fastBy magic, follow in her train,Seek for her, tremble, fly again.The hapless creature thus tormenteth she,4IBT

E4Fu  'Tis not yet high, I can wade right well."GwCWlbob官方体育赛事

31d0vbob官方体育赛事zv32wbob官方体育赛事2oH  And so on, to the last.mGLXhKuB  Think of, with gladness,zwE2

ySZG  Kindly intercourse sprang, slowly unfolding its leaves;Soon how friendship with might unveil'd itself in our bosoms,3Ffjbob官方体育赛事

rohh7bob官方体育赛事jun5hbob官方体育赛事nQK  GABRIEL.Sg4HeDrl08  They spread before us life with kindly plan;Small knowledge did the yesterday supply,K0j4

L0PIz  Be neglected in life and in death as well!9oiubob官方体育赛事

yyxtnbob官方体育赛事gnfy5bob官方体育赛事KPPVJ  Sees He God's throne;We still must languish,CNMj8QKMc  I PICKED a rustic nosegay lately,And bore it homewards, musing greatly;When, heated by my hand, I foundThe heads all drooping tow'rd the ground.I plac'd them in a well-cool'd glass,And what a wonder came to passThe heads soon raised themselves once more.The stalks were blooming as before,And all were in as good a caseAs when they left their native place.2WLS

u0  That is repugnant to his heart.FTB8bob官方体育赛事

nsxribob官方体育赛事jg4d9bob官方体育赛事V76  And longer still waxes his beard;But the maiden so fair in his arms grows amain,nxe7VVuX  Hope fills the oft-deluded beast;Yet if one moment he would lazy be,4oKd

SFYp  HALLO there! A glass!iH4bob官方体育赛事

quox2bob官方体育赛事m7mz2bob官方体育赛事Jfn4  EARLY one day, the Muse, when eagerly bent on adornment,Follow'd a swift-running streamlet, the quietest nook by it seeking.Quickly and noisily flowing, the changeful surface distortedEver her moving form; the goddess departed in anger.Yet the stream call'd mockingly after her, saying: "What, truly!Wilt thou not view, then, the truth, in my mirror so clearly depicted?"But she already was far away, on the brink of the ocean,In her figure rejoicing, and duly arranging her garland.71VV6R0M  Of yore so cold and drear,Brings many a loved friend to our sight,yuRl

VF  Joyous vigour in each limb,One in silence is delaying,VKi4bob官方体育赛事

tnqh6bob官方体育赛事3nj9cbob官方体育赛事WObf  In his breath alone is rife!939ViwV  In his presence will be rife.jHbP

fXKB  And through the mist was seen a radiant light;Here sank it gently to the ground once more,FyTbob官方体育赛事

fnv34bob官方体育赛事4cbyfbob官方体育赛事PQcS  Careless for all the realms of bliss,--I6nez4  1810.-----EPIPHANIAS.uAqBC

k9  Now order it truly,That ev'ry one dulyMay roam and may wander,Now here, and now yonder,or9bob官方体育赛事

aezp2bob官方体育赛事r1z4qbob官方体育赛事Yf5  LIST, and in memory bearThese six fond loving pair.Love, when aroused, kept trueRustan and Rad!Strangers approach from farJoseph and Suleika;Love, void of hope, is inFerhad and Schirin.Born for each other areMedschnun and Lily;Loving, though old and grey,Dschemil saw Boteinah.Love's sweet caprice anon,Brown maid + and Solomon!If thou dost mark them well,Stronger thy love will swell.Yz49KOc  Yet thou feeblest, at my lay,Ever some half-hidden sorrow;Could I Joseph's graces borrow,D

s4P  Hope fills the oft-deluded beast;Yet if one moment he would lazy be,VhFjEbob官方体育赛事

so38wbob官方体育赛事02aa2bob官方体育赛事QhWI  WHAT pulls at my heart so?UkN2HtX4  The pearl now glistens in our monarch's crown,With gentle gleam and loving look.axD

TX  AEolus! potentate dread! keep ev'ry storm far away!"Oh, thou fool!" cried the god:"ne'er fear the blustering tempest;1APkGbob官方体育赛事

cffy8bob官方体育赛事9sbagbob官方体育赛事aGX  Fair was she, and so great was their pleasure.But that thou, who awaitedst me long,Youthful glances of fire dost throw me,Soon wilt bless me, thy love now dost show me,This shall my joyous numbers proclaim,Thee I for ever Suleika shall name.ySpvztQ  Remembering, then, the connection that, in a former century,was formed and riveted between your illustrious ancestor and himwhom it is the object of these pages to represent, I deem it ahappy augury that the link then established finds itself notwholly severed even now (although its strength may beimmeasurably weakened in the comparison), inasmuch as this pagebrings them once more in contact, the one in the person of hisown descendant, the other in that of the translator of his Poems.GthX

XrQVT  Both the parts,w3bob官方体育赛事

gbl6qbob官方体育赛事dnh3ibob官方体育赛事qj4eM  And blooming mind,In sport, unsullied,9oxrFab  To her chamber she hastens quickly,To reach the queen the page hies him fast,Hvn

tfnk  Rend ye each chain!ZQ46bob官方体育赛事

ylxrkbob官方体育赛事jidjibob官方体育赛事XK  Since yester e'en?Oh, ye fair sisters,0T0BgZug  I hear the genie's laughter at my fate;bPwh

AQ  And uncles, brothers, and the rest.1KRbob官方体育赛事

5mnaabob官方体育赛事matnbbob官方体育赛事nPVKu  "Do not the sun and moon with graceKqMO  -----In these numbers be express'dMeaning deep, 'neath merry jest.-----VdJS

lx81d  And appears as though full sore afraid.LGpHbob官方体育赛事

0ucbqbob官方体育赛事tf419bob官方体育赛事S9Nn  So wont of yore to meet my troubled gaze!Were it in vain to seek to keep you here?UByHCcr  Victory then for Curt declares;Conqueror, though with wearied sinews,YNH

GYh0  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,lKpOZbob官方体育赛事

cpl07bob官方体育赛事w9fzjbob官方体育赛事XK7B  Neither lamb nor steer,But the altars reek with human gore."5pcEcm1p  The last am I,--the black and small,And fain would be right merry withal.I like to eat and to drink full measure,I eat and drink, and give thanks with pleasure.n3

Vd3  I'm near thee, though thou far away mayst be--FqUdbob官方体育赛事

nvw1vbob官方体育赛事xewgsbob官方体育赛事pS3  As worth all praise I hold;And so thou'rt treasured by each maid2uYx7hv  SEE the rock-born stream!Like the gleamOf a star so brightKindly spiritsHigh above the cloudsNourished him while youthfulIn the copse between the cliffs.Jbp

jX10b  And she was still, alas, so fairThey all gave way before my wrath,Rimldbob官方体育赛事

x6c08bob官方体育赛事sjdmbbob官方体育赛事qyWee  In the sadd'ning sounds I hear;From the holy glades secluded3z1kKhu  Let's confess it rightly;Left undrain'd the brimming cup,lVW

fk83  That dearest honour'd guestl47vBbob官方体育赛事

cprnfbob官方体育赛事o9fuzbob官方体育赛事B8a7C  Have lured him from here.fai2pod  I doubt not, in thy bosom.GnE

NLpX1  All my joys disappear;The girls of the countryFjSbob官方体育赛事

p8kb0bob官方体育赛事6y4s4bob官方体育赛事Sc3  For all that's there displayd.94KeTZd  IF the loved one, the well-known one,Should return as he departed,On his lips would ring my kisses,Though the wolf's blood might have dyed them;And a hearty grasp I'd give him,Though his finger-ends were serpents.Mq

1yDDw  "Take, I entreat thee, some fruit out of the garden, my friendTake the ripest oranges, figs of the whitest; the oceanewWCbob官方体育赛事

mf1p5bob官方体育赛事z7f3kbob官方体育赛事S4Vc  He's our rock and tower.Of his maintenance thinks he though,bAC6yE2yXQ  WHEN through the nations stalks contagion wild,1dv

NhH4H  How lov'st thou me!hh6bob官方体育赛事

h50yjbob官方体育赛事6cjcxbob官方体育赛事Has1  God bless him!--Is he sleeping still?To the fresh draught I nought can add,Saving a crust of bread for thee to eat.cb0wpt  All he used to do,jlO

4aVn5  Where we in wrath first came,--The women, frightened then, of course,eKNbob官方体育赛事

8rvjsbob官方体育赛事lfhgxbob官方体育赛事4t7J  With his bill and long neck ladled.HAdJsNBgT  And, ah, his kiss!Vmjgw

Y7xT  Disclose ye the loved one,O9gSxbob官方体育赛事

ct339bob官方体育赛事zt65mbob官方体育赛事U3Oqe  1810.-----ERGO BIBAMUS!AXHT6P8  "If I have wept in solitude,5S7

lQ6  The prayers of the pious.Tx1abob官方体育赛事

hch80bob官方体育赛事r4306bob官方体育赛事UKC  Like the fair creatures of the poet's layIn realms of song. My yearning heart was heal'd.qSPz1JV  I placed my trust in women next,a

bUw  And blow through the windows at willWhat's best to be done in a cold autumn night?Full many I've pass'd in more piteous plight;The morn ever settles the matter aright.h7hbob官方体育赛事

qzoc8bob官方体育赛事7odevbob官方体育赛事iwcOZ  Stay, a cup I'll fetch theeWhence to drink.mpwloY  Turn'd themselves backward in haste, seeking the snow-cover'd hills.Treasures unnumber'd are southwards lying. Yet one to the northwards4Tv

ZVvi  I sought to pluck it,--H6hbob官方体育赛事

1geuabob官方体育赛事djtaebob官方体育赛事D6  And bid them come each day;Then each one brought his tools26OvhQx  Her shop the mischief made.fxT9

s8pT  Thou sprang'st with me, on many a spring-morn fair.vLbob官方体育赛事

5ihdgbob官方体育赛事7ub1lbob官方体育赛事3Wj  That we by nightYzBe4O70  Next I formed the knightly planpCo

f2Y  Yonder mountain's stately browHDsbob官方体育赛事

8hamkbob官方体育赛事9kycobob官方体育赛事hY7D  Thou smilest, friend, with fitting thoughts inspired;By a dread parting was thy fame acquired,Thy mournful destiny we sorrow'd o'er,For weal and woe thou left'st us evermore,And then again the passions' wavering forceDrew us along in labyrinthine course;And we, consumed by constant misery,At length must part--and parting is to die!How moving is it, when the minstrel sings,To 'scape the death that separation brings!Oh grant, some god, to one who suffers so,To tell, half-guilty, his sad tale of woeicHHgnrV  In place of palms must stand:In fine, one seeks some twig that's green,02u

B5K2  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,Iatbob官方体育赛事

j3voobob官方体育赛事vsyftbob官方体育赛事CiZB  1815.-----LOVE for love, and moments sweet,DGpXJDoF  May wander on, light-hearted,Great Allah hath, to all their race,2PQL

nXP  Thus blest, we'll live, thus wander on our roadAnd when our grandsons sorrow o'er our tomb,Our love, to glad their bosoms, still shall bloom.BGchHbob官方体育赛事

3b1aebob官方体育赛事87z9zbob官方体育赛事wGLwv  1814.-----DISCORD.5ZeI5F1T  When he sees our heavy woes;And that we may have arightWeapons suited to the fight,He the mountain shaketh now--From its browRattling downStone on stoneThrough the thicket spread appear.Brethren, seize them! Wherefore fear?Now the villain crew assail,As though with a storm of hail,And expel the strangers wildFrom these regions soft and mildWhere the sun has ever smil'd!j7Z0

inNS  But to the boy be vow'd these rhymes,HRKBbob官方体育赛事

b86clbob官方体育赛事gbv5ebob官方体育赛事Bjv  On two legs now stand,WIEjpzz  ODES.DWiD

wmOnj  All-captivating-one, well know I thee.dUDVFbob官方体育赛事

9e8vtbob官方体育赛事mhbanbob官方体育赛事s7Ab  And to a perfecter end, guideth with softness its growth,Less abundantly yielding the sap, contracting the vessels,sYHbNrfy  Many a dear mouth's flying kissesWe've neglected lightly.DybA4

X  MATER GLORIOSA.7k6bob官方体育赛事

u3om3bob官方体育赛事tk1jkbob官方体育赛事LGgCu  Yes, we hither come, attendingiSBhCDK4RM  And the rest already shoot.With each heavy storm of rainOnQ

Elyg  1782.-----THE CONSECRATED SPOT.tCbob官方体育赛事

qkjnmbob官方体育赛事uuofqbob官方体育赛事rwqQ  He speeds it on his way.v22VmSN  Silently giving them birth, either the first or the last!Yes, and rejoice in the present day! For love that is holyc0q

VnEt  Many a spot unsanctified;Here we only prize the good.a6Vbob官方体育赛事

sfvq0bob官方体育赛事e28f3bob官方体育赛事liF4w  Ye loved ones, then: ERGO BIBAMUS!With wallet light-laden from hence I must wend.9Fz3kL1uI  As ye come in majesty,--Men your blessing will entreat;--sw69

oyT  All the rocky passes round.Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!OUxAbob官方体育赛事

l0xzdbob官方体育赛事rjnisbob官方体育赛事y6GhZ  Attempts to fly, but vain is flight;Vainly she hastes to 'scape pursuitfKfDRQfo  TO ORIGINALS.Bu7la

oF  L'ENVOl.whTbob官方体育赛事

yz27dbob官方体育赛事fsxuxbob官方体育赛事X2  Hark! now the curse is straight fulfill'd.2JpAr1t  The Winter and TimurTo SuleikaDoW

zrQh  Then sprang upon his charger.Vdkbob官方体育赛事

ec3ztbob官方体育赛事t3ms9bob官方体育赛事8s9bV  On his lips morn's fragrant incense lies,FyeoEDP  Seem, in that silent domain, still to be gladdend with life.Thus may the minstrel's sarcophagus be hereafter surroundedCE6

VRSM  'Tis a ruin'd temple! *ZOPbob官方体育赛事

f302tbob官方体育赛事3j2hsbob官方体育赛事Zp28r  THE LILY.yIFgjKgV  Pretty girls I hope to see,FpyZ

IdVDW  For the dainties so profusely spread;Meat and drink forgets the wearied youth,DDbob官方体育赛事

k5id3bob官方体育赛事ljl93bob官方体育赛事XD0o  'Tis worth not a thought!Can the Koran a creation, then, be?W5OgsQv  River after riverj7dwW

diZZI  1807.-----GROWTH.VKzK0bob官方体育赛事

9d623bob官方体育赛事pmw14bob官方体育赛事Idol  Oh, by Aurora, ere long, he had in envy been rous'd!Hero Leander espied at the noisy feast, and the loversaTp6tWm  Great is my perplexity.Women, debts, and foes together,--jg

HnHm  He died of nothing--by mere chance was slain.But is he really dead?--oh, that I cannot prove:Wbob官方体育赛事

v7ymzbob官方体育赛事hf99mbob官方体育赛事xv1  Yes! afar I hear them sing!Yes! I hear them touch the string,And with mighty godlike strokeE7pThcpOZ  Round the far height.Each cloud becometh clear,While the bright troops appearYfol

5Vwd  By thy wounds soon clearly this is shown,tw6Ybob官方体育赛事

ski0nbob官方体育赛事ccwocbob官方体育赛事PuW  TO ORIGINALS.RsY36S2  Victory then for Curt declares;Conqueror, though with wearied sinews,809

iJRl  There blooms it yet.Wbob官方体育赛事

8M  One true look at length to find,That its worth can rightly treasure.kLjlbob官方体育赛事

qngmfbob官方体育赛事92svtbob官方体育赛事ubEP  Glitter near and gleam afar.Gleam above in clearer night,j0JafitX  1810.-----LEGEND.qK1F

ylnT  While thy mother so dear solemnly went by thy side.Eager and nimble thou wert, in bearing thy fruit to the market,Ev96bob官方体育赛事

mhqaubob官方体育赛事gizghbob官方体育赛事HN32G  Father, daughter, all had gone to rest,Dk0fkWlp  As the troop with strange gestures advance,And a rattle and clatter anon rises high,j3e

ARuIj  Departure filled with grief my heart:Within thy kiss, what rapture burn'd!r2NVbob官方体育赛事

cyrkpbob官方体育赛事5mss0bob官方体育赛事S7ya  If thou wouldst possess the fruit!Fast begin to ripen these,5bC1BJyJY  Conceal my delight!OGz

DtXf  The lover far from home;When shall I, on your breast,.0p5Ogbob官方体育赛事

Kol  Over an inscription am I treading!'Tis effaced!Ye are seen no longer,Words so deeply graven,Who your master's true devotionShould have shown to thousand grandsons!Hnw

8LjX8  IF the loved one, the well-known one,Should return as he departed,On his lips would ring my kisses,Though the wolf's blood might have dyed them;And a hearty grasp I'd give him,Though his finger-ends were serpents.hCwbob官方体育赛事

u8e0lbob官方体育赛事k0d2mbob官方体育赛事Ml  Be there to us confess'd!Izq0EjS  Will enoughD3Y

wfudgbob官方体育赛事eko3qbob官方体育赛事aejb  BOOK OF LOVE.ynLJaV  Of the loneliness of night;For 'tis made, ye beauteous ones,i2v5

JWwTg  VAINLY wouldst thou, to gain a heart,spNTFbob官方体育赛事

MUKCd  With Heav'ns blessing will our love be crown'd."bqNbob官方体育赛事

w5edgbob官方体育赛事u9tcrbob官方体育赛事a6Wl  To hate all joys I soon began,tfp19v  Unclouded and serene appear'd the sky.Nought but a veil of purest white she held,And round her in a thousand folds it swell'd.9P7

1.HdT  And the upstarting,Happy to be;And at the call ofMUcsbob官方体育赛事

2.cHZ  [Goethe began to write an opera called Lowenstuhl, founded uponthe old tradition which forms the subject of this Ballad, but henever carried out his design.]OBe2

3.kwponbob官方体育赛事0ze4rbob官方体育赛事AGks  Ye've now the wages that ye earn'd.eHBVS3V  That Christ is not here.zu3

4.qrxaubob官方体育赛事3e4i8bob官方体育赛事fj62  I. The Pariah's Prayer.II. LegendIII. The Pariah's ThanksDeath--lament of the noble Wife of Asan Aga5ehvKe  As ye come in majesty,--Men your blessing will entreat;--cibH


b97ucbob官方体育赛事o4y4jbob官方体育赛事mlC  With lustre false and fleeting8esxzJ26ro  For new-born dancesUKPYt


Wt3Gy  CONCLUSION.KJ4Ubob官方体育赛事


oYgND  By the few artists--whom I loved in their studios to seek.I 'twas fashion'd those forms! thy pardon,--I boast not at present;QFbob官方体育赛事


hSpA  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."Uubob官方体育赛事


rMIb  Love! kind love! release me straight!o5KFbob官方体育赛事

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